Paste #75592: Denizen Debug Logs From If you can see this, your actions are being watched.

Date: 2020/09/13 07:38:46 UTC-07:00
Type: Server Log

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Java Version: 1.8.0_252
Up-time: 10h 47m
Server Version: Paper version git-Paper-189 (MC: 1.16.2)
Denizen Version: Core: 1.90-SNAPSHOT (Build 734), CraftBukkit: 1.1.6-SNAPSHOT (build 1716-REL)
Active Plugins (13): LuckPerms: 5.1.98, PlaceholderAPI: 2.10.9, ArmorStandEditor: 1.16-24, spark: 1.4.1, 
Vault: 1.7.3-b131, BannerBoard: 1.11.2, Citizens: 2.0.27-SNAPSHOT (build 2105), 
WorldEdit: 7.2.0-beta-04+98f71a3, Denizen: 1.1.6-SNAPSHOT (build 1716-REL), MythicMobs: 4.10.0-SNAPSHOT-SNAPSHOT, 
Vivecraft-Spigot-Extensions: 1.16.2-r2, TAB: 2.8.4, Depenizen: 2.0.0 (build Unknown),
Loaded Worlds (5): mainland, mainland_nether, mainland_the_end, spawn, pregen
Online Players (1): xBxexhxr(Behr_Riley)
Offline Players: 239
Mode: offline (BungeeCord)

10:38:05 [INFO]  Starting InstantQueue 'EXCOMMAND_DisagreeEarringsComments' with player 'Behr_Riley'... 
10:38:05 [INFO] +- Queue 'EXCOMMAND_DisagreeEarringsComments' Executing: (line 1) BUNGEERUN hub1 restart_player_retrieve 
                   def:<player>|<bungee.server> ---------+ 
10:38:05 [INFO]  Filled tag <player> with 'p@4fbca51c-2c03-4d4f-b1fb-f2462609a058 (Behr_Riley)'. 
10:38:05 [INFO]  Filled tag <bungee.server> with 'survival'. 
10:38:05 [INFO] +> Executing 'BUNGEERUN': def='p@4fbca51c-2c03-4d4f-b1fb-f2462609a058|survival'  servers='li@ hub1'  
10:38:05 [INFO]  Completing queue 'EXCOMMAND_DisagreeEarringsComments' in 0ms.