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   debug: false
   type: book
   title: <&a>Guide <&7>(Right Click)
   author: BreadPixel Guide
   signed: true
   - <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>PIXEL <&a><&l>GUIDE<&nl><&nl><&0>In this guide, you learn how to play each minigame.<&nl><&nl>For more questions, talk to us on <&5>Discord<&0>.<&nl><&click[].type[OPEN_URL]><&hover[<&e>Join the BP Discord!]><&9><&l>Click here to join!<&end_hover><&end_click>
   - <&0>Table of Contents<&nl><&nl>Pg3-4....<&6>Bread<&d>Wars<&nl><&nl><&0>Pg5..........<&6>Bread<&d>Bridge<&nl><&nl><&0>Pg6..........<&6>Bread<&d>Battle<&nl><&nl><&0>Pg7..........<&6>Bread<&d>Factions<&nl><&nl><&0>Pg8..........<&6>Bread<&d>Games<&nl><&nl><&0>Pg9..........COMING SOON!
   - <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>WARS<&nl><&nl><&0>Each team has their own island with a Hay Bale allowing themselves to infinitely respawn. By using the Item Shop, you can buy weapons to crush your opponents. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's Hay Bales while you protect
   - <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>WARS<&0>- Cont.<&nl><&nl>your own. Last team standing wins!
   - <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>BRIDGE<&nl><&nl><&0>Jump in your enemy's pit to get a point. Use blocks and breapons to knock your opponents off the world. First one to get 5 points wins!
   - <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>BATTLE<&nl><&nl><&0>Basically factions, but with a hint of bread as well! Claim land, build an epic base, and fight other factions/teams to get more loot to be the most powerful! Sell items to earn <&6>Bread<&d>Bucks <&0>to buy super cool stuff :D
   - <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>GAMES<&nl><&nl><&0>Enjoy playing traditional smaller minigames with other players! These minigames include BreadParty, BNBRun, BreadRace, and more. This section is still under development...
   - <&0>COMING SOON!<&nl><&nl><&0><&l>- <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>BLOCK<&nl><&nl><&0><&l>- <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>POCALYPSE<&nl><&nl><&0><&l>- <&6><&l>BREAD<&d><&l>RACE
+  debug: false
+  type: item
+  material: book