Paste #59571: Broadcast Command v1

Date: 2019/11/03 16:02:25 UTC-08:00
Type: Denizen Script

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### Broadcast Command
# Updated by Mwthorn (Discord: Mwthorn#2843) (Mail:
# Ask for help at any time on the Official Denizen Script Discord:
# Allows a user to broadcast a message to everyone. This is mainly just an example on how to make a command with Denizen.
# It has the following commands included:
# /bc (text) - Send a message to everyone (requires the permission "broadcast.use")

## Instructions:
# - Place the script in your script folder.
# - Restart server or reload scripts
# - Done! Now you can use /bc (text)

    type: command
    name: broadcast
    description: Broadcast something
    usage: /broadcast <&lt>text<&gt>
    debug: false
    - bc
    permission: broadcast.use
    permission message: Sorry, <>, you don't have the permission '<permission>'!
    - if <context.args.size> == 0:
        - narrate "<&b>/bc (text)"
        - stop
    - announce "<context.args.get[1].to[<context.args.size>].space_separated.parse_color>"