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Date: 2015/11/06 04:02:53 UTC-08:00
Type: Denizen Script

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    type: assignment
    interact scripts:
        0 PickYourSide
        10 Darkstorms
        15 GOL
        type: interact
        - random 3
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> Welcome To the World of Vrodling.!”
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> A purge is starting soon!”
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> It’s time to pick your side!”
        - ^zap 2
        - random 3
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> Good luck in your future endeavors!” 
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> To be a member of the Darkstorm, you have to prove yourself worthy!”
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> To be a member of the Guardians of light, you have to prove yourself worthy!”
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> To choose a side type GOL or DS in chat.” 
        chat trigger:
                 trigger: "I would like to be a member of /DS/, DarkStorms, the no gooders!"
                - ^zap ‘step:DarkStorms’
                trigger: "I would like to be a member of /GOL/, Guardians of light, the good guys!"
                - ^zap ‘step:GoL’
        - spawn npc location:<player.location> name:Lux invictus

        - spawn npc “location:<player.location> name:Windsor
        - chat <grey>[DS]<black>Leader <red>Windsor:<white> So, you think you have what it takes to become a member of DarkStorms?”
        - chat <grey>[DS]<black>Leader <red>Windsor:<white> prove it! Kill one of our training robot’s that has the face of the Guardians of light!”
        - ^shoot npc “location:<player.location> name:Robotic GoL Member
        - ^ listen kill < GoL Member>
        - ^zap ‘step:DShunt’
        - ^flag player “+kill Robotic GoL Member:+”
        - narrate <gold>Quest Progress: <white>You have killed the <red>Robotic GoL Member<white>!”
        - ^if “<flag.p kill Robotic GoL Member>” > 1 runtask “SCRIPT:DSEnd”
    type: task
        - group add DarkStorms
        - announce <gold><><white> has joined the DarkStorms’ group, completed the first quest, and gained 1 quest point!”
        - ^flag player “+Quest Point:+”
        - ^flag player “+Achievement Points:+”
        - narrate <gold>You have received 1 quest point!”
        - narrate <green>You have received 1 Achievement point!”
        - ^zap “step:Welcome to DarkStorms”
“Welcome to DarkStorms”:
        - random 2
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> You are now a member of DarkStorms! Please check back later for more quests!”
        - chat <gold>[<green><><gold>]<white> Congratulations on joining DarkStorms! more quests coming soon!”