Paste #76139: Denizen Debug Logs From A Minecraft Server

Date: 2020/10/02 13:56:10 UTC-07:00
Type: Server Log

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Java Version: 1.8.0_66
Up-time: 6m 15s
Server Version: Paper version git-Paper-209 (MC: 1.16.3)
Denizen Version: Core: 1.90-SNAPSHOT (Build 736), CraftBukkit: 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT (build 1717-REL)
Active Plugins (18): PlayerHeads: 5.2.12-SNAPSHOT, LuckPerms: 5.1.107, Vault: 1.7.3-b131, Citizens: 2.0.27-SNAPSHOT (build 2121), 
WorldEdit: 7.2.0-beta-05+e575ffe, Denizen: 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT (build 1717-REL), Essentials:, 
EssentialsChat:, SinglePlayerSleep: 1.13_2.13.44, EssentialsSpawn:, 
WorldGuard: 7.0.4+f7ff984, dtlTraders: 6.2.3, Shopkeepers: 2.11.0, Quests: 4.0.0-rc.1-b146, 
WorldEditSUI: 1.7.1, Jobs: 4.16.1, GriefPrevention: 16.15.0-39f385e, Depenizen: 2.0.0 (build 668),
Loaded Worlds (3): world, world_nether, world_the_end
Online Players (1): Tadersalad(Tadersalad)
Offline Players: 0
Mode: online

16:55:51 [INFO] +- Getting interact script: n@Dwight/p@Tadersalad ---------+ 
16:55:51 [INFO]  
16:55:51 [INFO] +> [InteractScri...] Interact script is quitjob. Current step for this script is: 1 
16:55:51 [INFO] +---------------------+ 
16:55:51 [INFO] +- Parsing CLICK trigger: n@Dwight/p@Tadersalad ---------+ 
16:55:51 [INFO]  Starting TimedQueue 'QUITJOB_HopYrEncoding' with player 'Tadersalad' and NPC '18/Dwight'... 
16:55:51 [INFO] +- Queue 'QUITJOB_HopYrEncoding' Executing: (line 15) NARRATE "<&b>I hear you are looking to quit your job. Which one do you wana quit?" ---------+ 
16:55:51 [INFO]  Filled tag <&b> with ''. 
16:55:51 [INFO] +> Executing 'NARRATE': Narrating='I hear you are looking to quit your job. Which one do you wana quit?'  
                   Targets='[p@44dd6795-dcab-4b7e-9d38-1d245980b342 (Tadersalad)]' 
16:55:52 [INFO] +- Queue 'QUITJOB_HopYrEncoding' Executing: (line 16) FOREACH <player.current_jobs> ---------+ 
16:55:52 [INFO]  Filled tag <player.current_jobs> with 
16:55:52 [INFO]  Completing queue 'QUITJOB_HopYrEncoding' in 600ms.