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Date: 2015/10/18 03:44:46 UTC-07:00
Type: Denizen Script

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    Type: interact
            proximity trigger:
                        - if <player.has_flag[Zephane_timeout]> queue clear
                        - if <player.has_flag[mineboss_sentfrom_mike]> {
                            - random {
                                - narrate format:chat2 "Maybe Zephane should go tell MineBoss he has seen <>?"
                                - narrate format:chat2 "Why hasn't <> gone to see MineBoss like Mike says? Zephane does not know."
                                - narrate format:chat2 "Why does <> wander caves like Zephane? Does he not know where Mineboss is?"
                                - narrate format:chat2 "Does <> not like Mike?"
                                - narrate format:chat2 "Zephane must tell Mike <> doesn't listen well."
                        } else if <player.has_flag[mineboss_seen]> && <player.has_flag[forman_ralf]> {
                            - random {
                                -narrate format:chat2 "<> has seen MineBoss, but not Forman Ralf. Zephane does not know why."
                                -narrate format:chat2 "Forman Ralf is in Mine 1. Zephane is sure of this."
                                -narrate format:chat2 "Zephane knows where to find Forman Ralf, why does <> not know?"
                                -narrate format:chat2 "Mine 1. That is where Forman Ralf is. Not here with Zephane."
                        } else {
                            - random {
                                -narrate format:chat2 "Zephane does not know <>"
                                -narrate format:chat2 "Why does <> not go looking for the Wild Man hiding in the upper forest? Zephane does not know."
                                -narrate format:chat2 "Zephane knows all the secrets. And never tells <>."
                                -narrate format:chat2 "<> should be kind to the spiders. They are Zephanes friends."
                                -narrate format:chat2 "There is no such thing as a dog park. Zephane knows this to be true."

                        - flag player Zephane_timeout duration:30s